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CBD Infused Peppermint Chocolate Espresso

For a fancy coffee, look no further!


Espresso or coffee1 tbsp.

unsweetened drinking chocolate1/2 tsp.

sugar, or whatever sweetener you prefer

1/4–1/2 cup creamer

Preferred dose of peppermint-flavored CBD oil, such as CBD SKY's 1000mg Peppermint oil


Make a double shot of espresso, then set aside. You can also substitute a strong cup of coffee.

Place the drinking chocolate and sweetener in a mug.

Drop your CBD tincture directly onto the drinking chocolate.

Pour the espresso onto drinking chocolate and mix (milk frother optional).

Heat creamer in microwave for 30 seconds or on the stovetop until just below boiling.

Pour the hot creamer into the mug mixture.

Blend all ingredients in the mug with milk frother for a nice finish.

Bonus step: Reserve a little bit of creamer in a microwave-safe container and blend it thoroughly with the milk frother. Pour foam on top of your finished CBD espresso for a luxurious finish. Enjoy!

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1 Comment

Jul 22, 2019

Perfect - coffee and CBD for me!

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