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How do you determine CBD potency and product quality from colour?

So many people contact me with colour and what they think it is or is not but the short answer is you can’t. You cannot ever be certain that what a company claims is accurate, but there are a few tell-tale signs and things to look for.

CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS: First and foremost is Certificates of Analysis (or COA’s). These are reports generated by independent, third party laboratories. They test for CBD content, concentration, purity and residual solvents and other contaminants. All manufacturers should offer transparency through published COAs. While there is no regulation on CBD products, you can spot a big red flag when a company fails to publish their COAs. There’s a good chance that the retailer doesn’t even know what is in the product they are selling. With the prevalence of “white-labelling”, (putting a new label on a small portion of a mass manufactured generic batch) it is actually possible for someone to be selling a product without knowing what is in it.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: Secondly, CBD is one of the products that actually fits within the “you get what you pay for” paradigm. Cheap, discount products are often manufactured with cheap, discount ingredients or processes. If a company claims to be selling a premium product, but hasn’t put any effort into educating their customers, taken any pride in their brand, packaging or customer experience and looks like they are just trying to sell product as fast as possible, that is a good indicator that they are probably just trying to sell product as fast as possible. Don’t be afraid to be picky when it comes to what you are putting in your body!

COST PER MILLIGRAM: Lastly, pay attention to the dosing/concentration. Just because a product looks or smells like a densely concentrated tincture, does not mean that it is. Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Extract are two completely different things. Hemp seed oilcontains essentially zero CBD or THC. It is rich in omega 3s and other great fatty acids, but it is not CBD. Like any supplement or medicine, it is the mass of the active ingredient that matters. $100 for 750mg is a much better deal than $50 for 250mg of CBD. Here, the price per mg is the metric you should be looking at.


To recap, it is impossible to determine concentration or quality of CBD by just looking at, smelling or tasting a CBD product. Look for facts and ask questions! Please email me directly to to chat or phone call any time. I am happy to answer questions, give you advice or simply just get to know you and hear how CBD has affected your life.

*note: the views and content of this blog are not necessarily that of the parent company. This is not medical advice, nor will it be taken as such.

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