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You’re busy and your skincare routine shouldn’t take forever. We get that, which is why we created this super easy-to-use, all-in-one CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer formula!

Refreshing and renewing your skin only takes a few minutes. Just rub the Re-Energizer lotion on your face and body and your skin will balance the moisture it needs naturally. Our formula absorbs ultra fast, so your skin gets nourished and won’t leave you feeling slick or greasy.

With 20mg of CBD oil per jar, not only will your skin feel baby soft, you’ll get all the benefits of CBD oil while looking radiant. You’ll notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles, especially those caused by dehydration. Our Re-Energizer lotion helps your body do what it naturally does best––heal and renew––with the added power of CBD.

Simply apply the lotion to your face, neck, and body and watch it work its magic.

CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer 30ml - 20mg

Out of Stock
    • 20mg pure CBD oil
    • high power moisturizer and rehydration
    • revitalize, replenish, renew, and refresh your skin
    • reduces skin irritation
    • reduces the effects of dehydration and environmental dirt and grime
    • absorbs fast
    • non-greasy formula
  • No returns, and no refunds apply to this product

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