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Long day? Sink into a luxuriously fragrant bath with our CBD peppermint bath bomb.

With 35mg of CBD per bath bomb, you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and calm. Worries? What worries? They’ve all melted away.

Made with peppermint essential oils, when you climb out of the bath, your skin will be minty fresh––ready to sooth you to sleep or freshen you up for a night out.

You work hard and deserve a break. Buy yourself some “me time” with our CBD bath bomb today.

CBD Peppermint Bath Bomb 35mg Full Spectrum 35mg

    • Calming aromatherapy.
    • Made with a variety of natural ingredients.
    • Turns the water a lovely aqua color.
    • Good for your skin.
  • NO returns and NO refunds on this product.

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