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Crunchy CBD Coleslaw - with a twist!

I have to say, with being over halfway through winter in the southern hemisphere, I get a bit tired of cooked food. Everything is cooked! Additionally, buying fresh food to eat for just a couple is a challenge too - I like to save money and buy bulk. So, I did. I purchased a big bag of brussell sprouts. Great! Even super great when there is more than one person at home to eat them.....cooked. But, after the steaming, and then the saute's, plus the roasting, I was....cooked out. Then, it came to me! I can eat this stuff raw, and it can taste super good too! I mean, brussell sprouts are just baby cabbages of sorts, right? Right! So, the twisted recipe is super easy, super tasty, and just a few ingredients. It is important to note, that I did not grate or slice and dice any of the vegetables concerned. Yes, that's right, SUPER easy.


1 X cup (or more of brussell sprouts, subject to demand - I used more as I wanted to have dry slaw on hand for the days ahead)

2 X big carrots

Garlic aioli (I used a pre-made, ready to squeeze)


Shaved parmesan, or cheese to taste (optional)

Crispy bacon bits (for the serious slaw-er)


1. After lightly trimming ends of the sprouts, grab a electric chopper, and chop them up in batches (I usually make protein balls in my little chopper, so this was very new to me). When you have enough green, grab those big carrots out of the bottom of the fridge, chop into big chunks, and repeat with the electric whiz bang chopper. Place together in an airtight container for storing in fridge.

COOK'S NOTE:What I discovered by using this device, was the incredible 'dryness' of the slaw, compared to grating by hand, particularly the carrot. This well prove to be a HUGE advantage for dry slaw refridgerated storage for the days ahead, PLUS when dressed, not having a sloppy, watered down white mess at the bottom of your coleslaw container. The object is to have the dressing ON the veg, not slurping around in the bottom of the abyss. Rinse your veg off and drain in a colander for a bit, then pat them dry with a paper towel.

2. Into a bowl, Squeeze out the aioli to desired amount. At this stage, blend in the CBDSKY CBD oil.

3. Place required amount of slaw into a bowl, add the aioli-CBD oil blend, and mix well.

4. Sprinkle with cheese of choice (optional)

5. Top with crispy bacon bits (optional)

Brussell sprouts are the hero of coleslaw with a robust flavour, and crunchiness that leaves cabbage behind! And, don't forget your #cbdoil!

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